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Blue Marble Translation  Services

We offer a transparent, intuitive and cost-effective option to customers who need all types of content translated. Our workflow is augmented with cutting edge technologies to ensure better, faster, competitively priced translations. We are licensed users of Newton Technologies' deep neural network AI voice/ language recognition software, guaranteeing high-quality and speedy service.

We can generally provide completed projects within 24 hours or less. If you have any special requests you can ask us and have them delivered, because we draw from a vast pool of international translators.

In order to provide the accuracy and attention to detail you require and deserve, our team includes members who specialize in:








Additional offer:

Apart from classical translation services, Blue Marble also offers proofreading, copy writing and editing services to clients who are seeking to get an edge on their market. Into the bargain, we provide original content in the form of media newsletters, and daily digests by company and industry.

In partnership with Newton Technologies, we can offer transcripts from speech in multi-media files or conversational streams, capturing vast information for a variety of business uses. This service benefits from Newton Technologies’ recent conversational speech transcription breakthrough, using deep neural network AI to advance the accuracy of speech recognition (Speech -> Text/ Text -> Speech).

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