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Price List

Prices of written translations are calculated according to the language and number of pages (1 page = 1500 letters with spaces). Prices for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish translations:


1 page translation from Croatian to a foreign language = 120 kuna

     1 page translation from a foreign language to Croatian = 90 kuna

(Both include free proofreading services)

    1 page editing and proofreading of text in a foreign language = 70 kuna

    1 page editing and proofreading of text in Croatian = 40 kuna


Notes on pricing:

a)            The above prices are our standard, however, translation prices differ depending on size, type, urgency and other factors of the materials. For example requested outside of regular working hours, during weekends or holidays as well as more than 8 pages of translation from a foreign language to Croatian per day i.e. more than 6 pages of translation to a foreign language from Croatian are regarded as urgent translations. Each translation that has to be finished the next day upon accepting the order is regarded as urgent, no matter how long. (The deadlines for translation do not include the day of acceptance and delivery of translation as well as weekends and holidays). The price for an urgent translation is up to 50% more than the regular, above mentioned prices.

b)            Owing to the necessity of hiring translators with domain-specific knowledge, contracts, legal documents, regulations and standards may be up to 30% higher than regular prices.

c)            For larger volumes of text (more than 50 pages) a discount may be granted.

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