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Partner Services

Our strategic partners at home and abroad are here to help you achieve results above and beyond your expectations:

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We research and analyze information to facilitate your management of marketing and PR communication through all phases of the process. Whether you are an expert in marketing, PR or media, MediaNet brings together all the elements needed for successful management of your communication to every target group.

Presscut systematically follows press releases for clients -- from print news and internet portals to radio and TV shows, constantly improving our technology to ensure high quality service and the shortest possible delivery deadlines.

For those who wish to learn to speak a foreign language quickly while discovering the nuances of other cultures, Sekvoja offers the perfect solution.


Newton Technologies offers new possibilities in computer voice recognition, especially for Slavic languages. In Central and Southeastern Europe, we provide our clients with innovative solutions for dictation and automatic conversion of audio recordings into written form.


Having developed the first Croatian advanced mystery-shopping database that is demonstrably useful on the global market, MSA's greatest assets include a strong field presence with thousands of mystery shoppers and pollsters, our own highly reliable desk research technology (Crispy), international operations in accordance with the highest standards, experienced personnel that can provide an expert response to all the specifics of all the business activities, and smart methodological and analytical solutions.

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NEWTON Media offers products and services in the area of media monitoring, analyses and strategy consulting. The NewtonOne web application gives you the media information you need, saving you time and money. With precise analysis and recommendations you can choose the right media strategy for your company to thrive.

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