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These sectors play a vital role in the global trade environment. We are well aware that in order to best serve their existing customers, as well as to attract new international clients and achieve a high level of consistency, banking and financial institutions often must use translation services to communicate clearly and effectively. Those who operate in these fields expect high quality translations to help them strengthen relationships and build trust with potential clients, while enabling them to meet the expectations of existing clients and customers.

The Blue Marble Translations team is ready and able to meet all of your needs, with experience in translating:

  • Annual reports

  • Prospectuses

  • Bank Statements

  • Investment marketing translation

  • Claim document translation

  • Macro-economic survey translation

  • Equity research translation

  • Shareholder information

  • Profit and Loss reports

  •  Insurance policy translation

  •  Insurance marketing translation

… And more.

Banking, Finance & Insurance Translations

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