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Media Translations

In an increasingly global media environment, there is a limitless need for media translations, including press releases and news articles, multimedia specifications, subtitles, and digital content. We understand how much media professionals require highly responsive support and fast turnaround, which is why we offer our customers 24/7 care.

As we already work with multinational media companies and daily newspapers, Blue Marble Translations is uniquely well positioned to serve the particular needs of your media company. Importantly, we are able to provide last minute changes and a quick completion of time-sensitive projects.

The Blue Marble Translations team is ready and able to meet all of your needs, with experience in:

  • Press Release translations

  • News article translations

  • Digital Content

  • Book translations

  • Multimedia Presentations

  • Customer Letters and Invoices

  • Brochures and Other Marketing Materials

  • Full Press Kits

  • TV and Radio Reports

  • Corporate Communications

… And more

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