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Legal Translations

The legal field benefits greatly from translation services. Being well aware that this highly skilled field of translation often requires specialists, we assign these projects to certified legal translators with extensive knowledge of legal terms in the target languages, and who have the depth of understanding to ensure that the legal translations they undertake are 100% accurate in meaning.


Furthermore, since government certification is required for translators of many kinds of legal documents, the Blue Marble Translations team includes members who are certified in:

  • Contract translation

  • Summons translation

  • Patent and trademark filings translation

  • Deeds translation

  • Litigation document translation

  • Immigration document translation

  • Witness statement/deposition translation

  • Legal certification translation

  • Legal disclaimers translation

  • Legal marketing translation

  • Will translation

  • Articles of incorporation translation

  • Letters of credit translation

  • Affidavits translation

  • Arbitration translation

  • Confidentiality agreement translation

  • Correspondence translation

  • Foreign legal text translation

  • Government and legal ruling reports translation

  • License translation

… And more.

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