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PR & Marketing Translations

Translating marketing and PR materials is about communicating ideas, messages, speech and sometimes even  jokes from the original text into another language. Professional translators with a sensitive understanding of the source and target countries are essential to rendering such things into another language. Not only do translators need to have a thorough knowledge of cultural differences, they must also be intimate with the subtleties of both the source and the target languages, including idioms, slang and ‘hidden’ meanings.

These considerations are especially important in the case of marketing translations. When your image is on the line, it is essential that your PR, marketing and advertising materials bring the same message to every market.

Our PR and marketing translators possess the priceless cultural and linguistic knowledge needed for recreating your text in their own native language, ensuring that your business is shown in the best possible light. Our experienced team is ready to translate:

  • Advertising material and advertising campaigns

  • AdWords and social media campaigns

  • Company brochures

  • Mailings and newsletters

  • Questionnaires for market-research purposes

  • Product catalogues and leaflets

  • Presentations

  • Press releases

  • Company films

  • Websites
    And more...

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